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My 6 favourite office desk accessories

On my desk I like to have a few things that help me to stay focused, keep organised and occasionally take my mind of things. Here are a few office desk accessories that I use or have had recommended that might work for you.

Accessories to stay focused

Lume - Portable Grinder

I confess I am a coffee snob and will not compromise on a good brew. I love this portable coffee grinder as I can have a great fresh coffee at work or when travelling without the daily manual grind. With a rechargeable lithium ion battery charged from a standard micro-USB it is easy to maintain. The grind size can be easily adjusted for whatever type of brew you like.

Lume Portable Coffee Grinder

AeroPress - Coffee Maker

I have been using my AeroPress for many years. Lightweight and compact it is really easy to use and consistently produces a great brew. Great family owned US business and made in the USA.

Aeropress Coffee Maker

Accessories to keep organised

Orbitkey - Nest

Orbitkey which is famous for their key organiser recently released a new office organiser product called Nest on Kickstarter. The product is designed to store any number of office items in carefully designed moveable dividers inside whilst the outside tray is a wireless charger for phone, watch, pods etc. A friend of mine loves it.

 Orbitkey Nest

Bellroy - Melbourne Tote          

Bec (my partner) bought this Tote Bag from the renowned carry goods company Bellroy a few years ago and uses it every day during the week. Designed for work it has a dedicated pocket for a laptop and a phone with plenty of space for everything else. The build quality is great with sturdy leather straps and high quality fabric body so she should get many good years of use.

Bellroy Melbourne Tote

An Organised Life - Plain Leather Notebook

These notebooks are great quality and my normal material for doodling and to-do lists. Like to support this small business run by kiwi Beck Wadworth too.

Accessories to distract


These top notch spinning tops are made in Canada from one piece CNC machined metal. With over 18 metals to choose from they are a great distraction that look the part, eh?

Foreverspin Spinning Top