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Frustrated by the unnecessary waste generated by continually replacing water bottles, we set out to build a business that does things differently.

No more moldy straws. No more bottle odors. Just the ultimate drinking vessels, to last.

From our base in Brisbane, Australia we design, test and develop every product.

Our mission is to support the global shift to reusable drinking containers.

In 2022, we launched the Mini, Multi and Glass Multi.

Tim and Bec

tim and bec in passionate discussion about design

Back Story

Looking at all the products that come and go in our everyday lives we noticed that there was always one constant; products with a clear purpose and made from quality materials, lasted.

Through simplicity in our designs and the use of proven materials like stainless steel and borosilicate glass we focused on developing the ultimate water bottles to last.

After two years of research and testing along with plenty of passionate discussion on design, we developed the Ever Vessel range.

The ultimate drinking vessel is not just designed to sit in a backpack or the sand at the beach; it is designed for all occasions.  From the study to the office, the trail to the gym, each vessel is designed to be versatile, easily cleaned and built to last, so our customers can all focus on bigger things.

To support our claims we offer a 30 day returns policy on all our products. We also back all our stainless steel products with an Ever Vessel Lifetime Guarantee and our Glass products with an Ever Vessel 12 Month Guarantee. 

Last but not least, we stock replacement parts for most components so customers can repair rather than replace.