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Hard to clean water bottles - features to ensure an easy-clean water bottle

by Tim Bligh | October 10, 2021

I don’t know anyone who likes washing up. Maybe there are a few out there who do. If you are one of these people, don’t waste your time reading this.

If you are like me and try to reduce your washing up wherever possible and found that your water bottle is notoriously difficult to clean. This blog post is for you.

Why are water bottles hard to clean?

There are so many water bottles available offering various features to improve ‘performance’. Unfortunately, the cleanability is often not considered in the water bottle ‘performance’. Many bottles are designed to look great on the shop shelves but not after plenty of everyday use.

Some features that I have found ensure an easy clean water bottle are:


The simpler the item, the easier it is to clean. Think a glass compared to a bottle. I know which I would prefer to clean. Two good questions to ask yourself:

  1. Can those extra water bottle features be easily cleaned?
  1. Do those features improve the ‘performance’ of the water bottle for me?

Wide mouth

The wider the mouth of your water bottle the easier it is to get a brush and water into the corners of bottle.

An area where it is commonly difficult to clean is the shoulder of water bottles (where it tapers towards the mouth at the top).

The wider the mouth relative to the rest of the body the easier it is to clear this shoulder area. Think of a standard glass - the widest area is the mouth. A glass is often really easy to clean as there is no shoulder.

Dishwasher Safe

A good feature to look for when looking for an easy clean water bottle whether it is dishwasher safe. If the water bottle is dishwasher safe it is a clear sign that the cleanability has been considered in the water bottle ‘performance’.

If the water bottle is dishwasher safe it is likely that it will also be easy to handwash too.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a suitable water bottle. Best to do your research and choose wisely if you want an easy-clean water bottle.

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