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Design and manufacturing

Our products are made in China by an established industry-leading bottle manufacturer.

Our manufacturer has been certified to achieve high standards of quality (ISO 9001), safe and fair labour (BSCI Compliant) and environmental responsibility (ISO 14001).

We work closely with our manufacturer to continually improve our business practices aimed at reducing our environmental impact, providing the best workplace and producing the best quality products.

We design our products in our Brisbane office in Australia. We also work with a few talented product and graphic designers in Sydney, Brisbane and Wales to help bring our designs to reality.

All Ever Vessel products are manufactured to meet the relevant Australian and US standards. These include the US FDA (including GRAS), US ASTM and US California Prop 65 standards.

We use an independent testing organisation that rigorously test our products to ensure they meet the standards.

We have custom-made cardboard canisters or paper envelopes for every product. The bottle packaging is displayed on each product page.


We aim to provide our customers with the ultimate drinking vessels, to last. Our materials are carefully chosen to stand the test of time.

All our steel is 18/8 (food grade) stainless steel. It is easily cleaned, durable and does not impart flavours into your beverage. The external surfaces of our plain stainless vessels has a superior matte surface finish that enhances the feel (unpainted surface finish).

All our glass is borosilicate glass. Which is resistant to thermal shock (hot and cold liquids), optically clear and will not change colour (like some plastics). Borosilicate glass is used extensively in the food industry.

All our silicone gaskets are high-quality food-grade silicone. Each gasket is carefully designed to ensure a strong and reliable seal. When eventually the gasket does wear out, it can easily be removed and replaced.

We have carefully designed our vessels to minimise the amount of plastic used in construction and ensure that it is out of contact from the vessel’s contents. The only plastic used on our vessels is in the lid on the female thread. All plastic is BPA-free food grade polypropylene # 5. This ensures our vessels have a smooth, quiet and consistent opening and closing.

Our coloured bottles (excluding Plain Stainless options) are coated in an acrylic-based powder-coated paint. This durable coating is free from toxic chemicals and made to last.

How it Works

How it Works Video - The Straw Attachment

The Straw Attachment pops easily in and out of your Ever Vessel allowing your beverage to be sipped like a tumbler. The tiny holes allow filling and emptying without removal. The metal clips will hold it firm in the neck of your vessel so it will not rattle. The Straw Assembly is to be used for cold drinks only.

How it Works Video - The Infuser Strainer

The Infuser Strainer pops easily in and out of your Ever Vessel allowing your chosen brew (tea, chai, fruit infusion) to pass through the tiny holes without letting any of the pips, leaves or fruits through.

How it Works Video - The Whisk Ball

The Whisk Ball is used to convert your vessel into a protein shaker. Caution: Whisk Ball must be removed before drinking to avoid accidental ingestion


We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Union Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

We sell our products in AUD, USD, NZD or CAD. The currency selection box is in the top right-hand corner. All transactions are processed in the currency shown on the product and checkout pages.

If you want to add an item to your order please email our support team within 24hrs of your purchase and we’ll do what we can to adjust things.

Contact within 24hrs of placing your order. That way we should be able to catch any transaction settlement and shipping before it goes through. Anything after this window will be treated as a regular refund.

Shipping & Delivery

All shipped orders can be tracked online. You can find your tracking number two ways:

1. Check the shipping confirmation email we sent you. This normally arrives in your inbox within 72 hours of purchase (except personalised product orders). The email will contain a tracking link.

2. If that doesn’t work: Email and quote your order number/customer reference number. We’ll help you with the rest.

Our laser engraving is completed in one batch per week.
Personalised product orders placed before 6 pm every Monday (7 am GMT) will be dispatched from our warehouse during that week.

Orders placed after this time will be engraved and dispatched from our warehouse in the following week.


The length of time that any drinking vessel will insulate their contents is highly dependent on how the vessel is used. The external variables that make a significant difference are room temperature, exposure to radiation (sunlight) and how many times the lid is opened. Several other variables also affect the insulation performance of a vessel.

The table below shows the maximum time that a beverage can stay hot or cold in our vessels.

Glass Multi 6hrs3hrs

The reason the Multi insulates far better than our other products is due to the vacuum-insulated construction of these stainless-steel vessels. The Glass Multi will still insulate reasonably well due to the double-walled construction. The Mini does not insulate well due to the compact single wall design.

Personalization is available for the Multi, Mini and Glass Multi. All Personalisation is laser engraved to ensure that the markings stand the test of time.

We do not offer a carry handle or loop for our Ever Vessels. We have designed our vessels to be easily carried without these parts by focusing on the ergonomics. The widths of our vessels are similar to commonly carried drinks that do not have a handle. The Multi and Glass Multi are similar in widths to a can of soft drink. The Mini is a similar width to a small energy drink.

The Multi is designed for ALL beverages regardless of whether that is sour juices, sweet smoothies, alcohol or a strong coffee.

The Glass Multi is designed all non-carbonated beverages.

The Mini is only for beverages up to 45°C. This is due to the single wall, non-insulated construction. If hot beverages are put into the Mini the sides of the vessel will be too hot to handle.

The Ever Vessel can be taken on flights provided the vessel is empty (no beverage). Our vessels can be stored on your person, in your carry-on or a checked bag.

Months of design and testing were spent on our gaskets and sealing surfaces. Each Ever Vessel is designed to provide a reliable leak-proof seal for your beverage time and time again. We recommend testing the seal before use to ensure that it does operate correctly. Over a long period, the gasket will wear out and need replacement.

Our Multi and Multi Glass are both double-wall insulated vessels. Because they're insulated, these vessels will generally not show condensation build-up on the exterior of the vessel, unless there is a high relative humidity (high dew point temperature) outside.

Our Mini can show condensation build-up on the exterior of the vessel as it is single wall, without insulation.

Our vessels have been designed to fit into most drink bottle holders. The Multi and Glass Multi are similar widths to a can of soft drink so often fit well. The Mini is a similar width to a small energy drink so the fit may be loose.

Due to the variability in drink bottle holders, we suggest measuring the inside dimensions (plus maximum height before interference) of your drink bottle holder to confirm if our vessels will fit properly in your holder.

Product Care

All Vessels

Before first use give the vessel a basic clean.

Ensure silicone gasket is in working order before use. To test, fill vessel with water, tighten lid and turn upside down.

Do not heat in microwave, oven, stovetop or fire.

Avoid dropping or other impacts.

Do not freeze.


Ever Vessel Mini maximum beverage temperature is 45° C/ 113°F.

Multi and Glass Multi

If filling with a boiling beverage, allow contents to cool with the lid removed for at least 5 mins before attaching the lid.

Basic Cleaning

Basic Cleaning Video - Dishwasher

Dishwasher (max 55°C/130°F cycle)

All our vessels are dishwasher safe up to a maximum 55°C/130°F temperature cycle.

1. Place accessories in cutlery basket/tray
2. Place lid face down on the top rack and bottle upside down on the bottom rack securely
3. Ensure bottle will not fall over during the cycle
4. Air dry completely

Basic Cleaning Video - Handwash


1. Wash with warm soapy water
2. Rinse with fresh clean water
3. Air dry completely

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning Video

1. Separate straw attachment, infuser strainer and lid
2. Remove silicone gasket
3 Soak in warm soapy water for 5 mins
4. Clean thoroughly with brushes
5. Rinse with fresh clean water
6. Air dry completely
7. Reassemble silicone gasket

We stock replacement parts for most components.

Replacement of Silicone Gasket

The silicone gasket can degrade and require replacement.

Replacement of Silicone Gasket Video

1. Use a small tapered device like a blunt butterknife to extract the gasket
Note the orientation of the gasket (the gasket is not symmetrical)
2. Carefully line up the new gasket in the same orientation and fit by sliding the gasket down into the channel
3. Test - if the gasket is fitted correctly it will not leak

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